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Businesses and Services

Valier is blessed with a number of businesses that meet the needs of this independent community. Lodging, dining, and essential needs can all be met locally by owners who live and work in the community. A public library, K-12 schools with a public swimming pool, four local churches, a bank, and healthcare facilities add to the convenience and comfort of this rural community.

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Stay and play at the Stone School Inn, Lake Frances Inn, or Lake Frances Campground.


Farm and Ranch

Ben Taylor, Inc,  Curry Cattle CompanyFrontline Ag Solutions,  Greyn 

Fertilizer, Solo Air, 

DeBoos Ranch Adventures, 

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch

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The Panther Cafe', Froggie's Bar & Grill, Buffalo Joe's in Dupuyer,  and Folklore Coffee offer a variety of food and spirits.

Medical Record Analysis

Medical and Health

Cattle in Pasture

Cattle and Bull Sales

Refrigerated Goods

Grocery & Convenience

Christiaens Meats, Curry's Market, and One Stop Cenex

School Bus

Valier Schools

Linda's Preschool

Valier Elementary

Valier High School

Home Services

East Slope Realty, Valier Public Library, Wells Fargo Bank, 3 Rivers Internet, Teton Wireless Internet, St. Francis Catholic Church, First Baptist Church of Valier, United Methodist Church, Valier Lutheran Church

Hands on Deck
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